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Polls 2016


The easiest way to stay informed about the last-minute changes in the 2016 Presidential Polls. It will give you detailed information on every state election process going, from the Republican and Democratic primaries to the Gubernatorial Election.See who is getting more votes... Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? Trump, Cruz or Rubio?
It tracks all the movements with HuffPost Pollster's as data provider so you won't miss any major turn again "You will be backed up by thousands of public polls to give you the very latest data on elections, political opinions and more".
Compare the historical variations between all the candidates, see how and when did they enter the presidential race. See who is winning in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina... All that in a simple and compact UI.
You will be able to track and compare from one of the following topics, each one with multiple charts and data:
- 2016 Presidential Election - 2016 Senate Elections - 2016 Gubernatorial Elections - 2016 House Elections - 2016 Democratic Primaries - 2016 Republican Primaries - Obama's Job Approval - Candidates Favorable Ratings - 2012 Presidential Elections - 2012 House Race - 2012 Republican Primaries
This app is completely free.
So... download it and never miss a turnaround again!
Version 1.1 will bring 2014 Election data.